We are born with a full box of colors. You may be really naturally good at using some colors more than others but that doesn't mean you have to limit yourself.

Go ahead. Try some new color. Try bringing new color into your space; a change. Or try a style that is different for you--BOLD

 instead of delicate or soft instead of crisp. Bring along a girlfriend for the journey and adventure of adding more color. Give each other encouragement.

You can even enjoy shades of the same color. 

Or try the color of a swim instead of walking; or try karate instead of yoga. Eat at a new restaurant. Add fruit to your vegetable salad. Thank goodness someone decided to use vegetables in cake or there would be no such thing as carrot cake!

I took a workshop in laughter yoga and one of the exercises was to speak in gibberish. Ever do that with a baby who can't speak yet? It's so fun and funny. Take an acting or drawing or computer class. Give a workshop and share something that you enjoy doing with others! 

Go for it. Soft or bold, bright or pastel, crayon, pencil, marker, it doesn't even matter; express your colors. Your expression will help you release what needs releasing and bring more joy and comfort in surprising and delightful ways. Oh yeah! 

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Some people just want to live in their own bubbles. They feel safe that way, or at lease they think they do. They don't want their bubbles burst. But, a "burst bubble" can be a breaking free from illusion. Breaking free from illusion, as painful as it can be, is actually a wonderful thing!
In "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman, the main character tells his spiritual teacher about his disappointment because he was disillusioned about something. The teacher's response? It was time to celebrate! What a wonderful thing to live free of the illusions.

Sometimes we need to pop those bubbles that we're living in. They are not serving us. At the same time, there are bubbles we can create, bubbles that set boundaries of energy or of thought, in a way like a prayer. What does that look like? Visualize in your mind's eye that you are surrounded by a bubble of color. No harmful thoughts can enter that place. You can imagine the people you love in protective bubbles as well. There is great power in visualization. If you haven't tapped into the power of imagination in creating reality, this is a great place to begin. If you have done this before, take a minute now to tap into this power once more.

Beautiful women, experiment with the imagery of bubbles, use this idea to your advantage. Let the bubbles that are outdated and that do not serve you "pop". When judgments or old thoughts and beliefs are released, you are free to build yourself a reality that serves, builds, and even protects you.

What area of your life would a protective bubble make safer?
What thoughts or judgments can you let go of now? How can you use the imagery of popping those bubbles in your mind's eye to set yourself free?

In the events and retreats that I give, I talk about "Beyond the Bubble Bath". We look for ways to self nurture. How about you actually allow yourself to dip right into a bubble bath for a change, but really give it to yourself, candle lights and all? Treat your inner child to the adventure and magic of bubbles as you release what needs to be released. Give yourself the gift of loving yourself though the proces. 
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My friend was in pain after a surgery. "I feel like I have to throw up," she cried, "what if I throw up?" I ran to get the trash can for her, "So, you'll throw up," I said. Some how that matter of fact attitude helped her. She shared with me later that she knew she would be ok even if she had to throw up. (Which she did.)

So, what if you made a mistake? 

So, you made a mistake.
It's just a matter of fact. It's in the past now anyway!
So, go fix it the best you can.

Maybe you made a mistake in your own life, maybe you hurt someone else, maybe you fell short in some way. OK. But the day (or night) is not over and you have a chance to do some repair work.

If you make a mistake, do NOT indulge in self pity and do NOT beat yourself up. No. Go back. Fix what you need to and then reroute yourself to be back on track. You keep getting new chances to do things the way you want to do them, with the grace, wit, joy, or peace that you want to bring into your life. You're doing it! Keep going.

Do your best to look for the signs--there are always warning signs. It may come in the form of sage advice from a trusted friend, or a feeling in your guts--an inner voice, or literally a sign like the one in our picture above. 

The bottom line is: Everyone makes mistakes. No exceptions. What you do now, how you take action to repair, is what matters.

  • 1) Forgive yourself
  • 2) Apologize where needed and even sometimes when you don't think you need to because that's a cheap price for peace
  • 3) Replace or Repair what you can where needed
  • 4) Learn from your mistake
  • 5) Now you're more than you were before the mistake, celebrate your growth

Baby steps ladies, just one step at a time and the results are spectacular! 
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Seriously. (Ok, I'm smiling.) I preach all the time that age doesn't matter in making a difference. You can be very young or very old and you can have an impact on one person or many. You can move one person deeply and she can move a million more. You do not know the reach of the good you bring to this world. 

Here is one young girl who has already touched over a million people who have watched her sing this song. Did her mother sing it to her? Or her preschool teacher? Or did she make it up from those who are influencing her? No matter what. You can shine your goodness, your message, into the world in bright and brilliant ways. Shine!
Kakenya is here to lead by example. Her story is a story of courage. 
What needs to change in your life? You can find the way to make the changes. Slowly, over time. It doesn't have to happen all at once with great drama. It can happen with quiet determination.

In the Hebrew bible is the story of a five year old girl. She had the courage to speak with her father, a noble leader of the nation, and through her courage, she saved a generation of girls who would not even have been born. 

You are not too young. And, you are not too old to make a difference, to change a life or to change the lives of many. 
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Can you hear the angels singing? Ahhhhhh..... The Heavenly Choir announcing your enlightenment. But really, what does it mean to be enlightened? I'm not talking about spiritually, but then again, it's all connected. When you are "enlightened" in one area, it does effect your spirit, and even your health.

So what is enlightened? It's that Ah-Ha moment when you understand the joke you didn't get at first. Or the moment when you realize that the very thing that irritates you about the lady who bugs you is the exact reflection of yourself--and now you can finally forgive and embrace the situation. Enlightenment is that glorious moment of insight when you learn some small thing or something major. It doesn't have to be about drama. It means you "see" or understand something and it makes your life lighter. 

It is an ongoing process. If you are still alive (silly me, you're here reading this), you have the opportunity for new insights over and over and over again. Even right now. Yes, right this second you can choose it. Are you choosing light filled? What color is the light you want to fill up with? What a liberating process it is to let go of what is unclear and not working, and stepping into what is clear. 

Deepening your self knowledge and joy are worth seeking. Find the beauty of where you are right now. (One way to tap into that is through gratitude--even if you are grateful to know more clearly about what you want to actively create in your world.) 

Sunbathe in the Light. Let it fill you up metaphorically and physically (yay vitamin D). Dance with the light. Know that shadows are part of life too. And remember, you are also light. Radiate and shine because you really make a difference. I'm so glad you're here.
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I've been there too. You think someone is bound to be a great friend and the relationship just fizzles out. Or you think that someone else is just an acquaintance and over time she turns out to be a dear friend and confidante. Sometimes you think you know but in the end it wasn't what you thought at all.

It's like that in all of life. There is nothing we should take for granted. Well, maybe we can take it for granted that the earth is turning. But in lives, things do not always turn out the way we plan. But here's the thing: 

Life will always turn out for the good in the end. And if it's not good, it's not the end. The trick? You have to look for the good if you want to see the good.

And don't be tricked by something you were positive were tiger eyes looking out at you from behind those bushes. Things are not always what they seem, but things can and will always ultimately be for the good.
You are a diamond.  

OK, so you have flaws. That is not the main thing about you, it's only the thing that makes you unique in all the world. 

Diamonds are made from intense pressure. That means that all the hard times you've had in your life only make you all the more precious.

Life provides the pressure, you get to create the shape and shine.

So shine. Shine quietly or shine out loud, what ever your style, you are a precious gem and you do light up this world.
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What do you do when you're angry? How do you process the energy? Anger can be such a destructive force on the inside and the outside. One way I've learned to cope is to do something constructive that helps me burn off the angry energy in a constructive way.

It's important to express and process your anger--in a way that does not hurt yourself or others.  Here are a few ideas for you:

Write: stream of consciousness, let 'er rip, don't hold back. Then rip it to shreds or toss it into a fire and let it go.

Clean: I love a good cleaning frenzy. Put things away, throw (or give) things away, scrub away, stuff a pile of dirty laundry in the washer or what ever's up for you. Taking out the trash can be a metaphor for letting go of the "trash" in your life, the things that are making you upset. Then how about a shower or bath with all the nurturing you can muster for yourself.

Create Art: This is not about creating something pleasing or perfect. It's about the freedom to express and it's not about judging a dang thing or making something to frame or even share with anyone else. I call water color paints my "truth serum". I'm not a trained artist but there is something about putting color to paper (or canvas) that helps express emotions. The colors you choose, the shapes you make, all help you release. Markers, crayons, pieces of torn colored paper and glue can all be used. Scribbles or words or swirls, just let it out. Release your secrets in your art.

Pull weeds: Rip them outta there. Maybe another metaphor for cleaning out your thoughts and feelings or maybe there's something about the ionic charge of getting into the earth that is healing and balancing. Clear your garden, clear your mind.

Talk to God: The thing on the "outside" of you that is upsetting to you is a message. Can you hear the message? Can you see what you need to learn or how you need to direct yourself to get back in balance? "God has broad shoulders" and everything that comes your way comes for ultimately a good purpose--even when that's hard to see or comprehend. Talk to God, cry if you need to, until you're empty. Then rest.
Oh, my wondrous, sweet readers. Do you know how really beautiful you are? Do you know how loved you are? Are you letting it all in? 

I came across this video (Thanks Dove!) and I'm writing this with tears in my eyes. I want you to know that the people that love you do not see the flaws that you are so critical of. This is for all of us.
Sometimes I've thought about my pets and how comfortable they are inside their own skin. They are so beautiful to me. They don't complain about their flaws, they are just their affectionate little selves. I don't even notice the kink in my dog's ear from the surgery she had last summer when she dances before being fed. My cat doesn't know how beautiful her blue eyes are and neither does she feel self conscious about missing all her big teeth because she's old. 

We have let ourselves be tricked into thinking we are less than or not good enough.

Now it's time for us to wake up, take our hearts and minds back to the loving truth of who we are! We can wake up to the truth about beauty. It comes from the inside and the inside of you is beautiful.

Gift yourself right now by savoring the essence of you with a tender breath. Then a power breath. And an anchoring breath. Then share your smile because nothing lights up this world like a smile from the heart. Nothing. Really!

Stay sweet dear one!
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